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Soundproofing Scotland

The Brief

As a soundproofing business based in Edinburgh but covering most of Scotland it was essential that Soundproofing Scotland had a website that could attract new customers while having a professional and easy to use website. They came to us for help having worked with a previous developer who had locked them out of their website and domain. The project and marketing plan was all based around lead generation while keeping a professional and trusted service offering.

The approach

Soundproofing Scotland were keen for a quick turnaround as they were currently running Google Ads to generate business and didn’t want to lose the continued work coming in. 

We did a full site audit on their current website and looked at what their USP was for their business which highlighted several improvements that needed to be made for a new website. As we were unable to keep their original domain we needed to purchase a new one, review their content for search engine optimisation and source new images that represented their business. 

Initial design proofs were approved before the build and also advised on content, re-branding and the need to add tracking for conversions.

Logo and Branding

Looking into their brand, we designed them a new logo, colour palette and set up all their email accounts under the Soundproofing Scotland brand. The logo was designed to be clean and easier to read than their original branding. It also emphasises their product using 3 main colours to separate their business name down and make it easier to read. 

Soundproofing Scotland Website Design

Soundproofing Scotland website

To keep the simple and professional look we created a slick and easy website for visitors to use adding key services and a FAQ section to help potential clients make an informed decision. Included in the Soundproofing Scotland website design was the use of stock images which we sourced and optimised for SEO, but as the project evolves we will add more personalised photos about their business going forward.

It was key for the contact form to be easy to get in touch and also filter any unwanted traffic that they were previously getting which has helped to keep their inbox tidy with leads to reply to.

The Results

Due to issues with a previous developer we were unable to implement 301 re-directs to their previous website which would have allowed all traffic from their previous site be directed to the new one and keep their organic traffic, so essentially we were creating a new website with a new domain. This wasn’t ideal due to the fact they were originally ranking organically on their old website, but we have updated all their Google business accounts, developed a Google keyword strategy to gradually help their new domain climb up the rankings. Keeping their Google ads running will keep the leads coming in until they get back on the first page of Google search. 

All Google analytics and search has been installed on the new website which has given them a lot more insight into where their leads are coming from. A social media strategy was also set up to help them get more organic leads and drive interaction with their brand and service.

Branding, Website Design & Features:

  • Website content audit
  • Branding and logo design
  • SEO optimisation
  • Website design
  • Google tracking installation
  • Website hosting
  • Social media set up

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